Kiel Conference 2023

The progress of the project was presented to the session 11 of 7th International Conference of the Johanna Mestorf Academy, in Kiel (Germany).

The session entitled “Between invasion and domestication: rethinking the socio-environmental ROOTS of crops, weeds and invasive species” was the occasion to present the emerging reflections on the status (weed, crop ?) of the opium poppy in the past on the basis of archaeological evidence and their contexts of discovery. The limits of the exploitation of the future database were discussed as well as the potential of current cutting-edge analyses such as geometric-morphometrics and genetics to address these questions

Thank you to Lucie who’s travelled from Geneva to Kiel to represent the poppy project !

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Aurélie Salavert (2023, 16 mars). Kiel Conference 2023. Opium Poppy. Consulté le 25 juin 2024, à l’adresse

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