Administrateur de base de données (développeur d’application) (F/H)

During this project, an information system (web interface and database) will be set up. It will include the interfaces of input and consultation of the database. The aim is to built the database structure allowing the storage, the follow-up, the perpetuation and the re-use of the information relating to the dispersal of the opium poppy in the past, by exploiting the data in a GIS software like QGIS.

Deadline of the application: 30/06/2022.

Location: MNHN, Paris (France).


Update: the job is now filled. We look forward to working with Linda Angulo Lopez as of October 1, 2022 !

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Aurélie Salavert (2022, 8 juin). Administrateur de base de données (développeur d’application) (F/H). Opium Poppy. Consulté le 25 juin 2024, à l’adresse

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