Visit to the Musée de Matière médicale in Paris

Following the reading of a paper (Debue-Barazer et al. 2002) about collections related to the opium poppy in Musée François Tillequin, we organized a small visit in June 2019 to conclude the Fyssen project on a high note. And we were not deceived!

Formerly known as the Musée de Matière médicale, the museum is located in the site of the Faculty of Pharmacy, in Paris. Thanks to the warm welcome of Sylvie Michel, scientific supervisor of the Museum, we were able to discover the historical collections, the oldest of which date back to the 18th century.

In the framework of the ongoing opium poppy project, this place will probably turn out to be a key place to acquire historical material for the geometry-morphometry, as well as for the genetic analyses.

To be continued….


Debue-Barazer C., Baudouin G., Tillequin F. (2002) ‒ Le pavot, l’opium et les objets associés au Musée de matière médicale de la Faculté de pharmacie de Paris, Revue d’Histoire de la Pharmacie, 90, 336, p. 555‑568.

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